Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Have you ever thought it would hurt the thorn when you say that it is so rude? Just like when you are pricked by a thorn. You praise the rose that blooms momentarily - have you ever praised the thorn? The rose doesn't fight difficulties - just a little cold or a thunder and it gives up. Something it doesn't like and it falls apart. Ask the thorn of the pain during those moments - the heat, the thunders - oh!

But the thorn doesn't give up. It stands for its flowers, for its territory. What obedience! Rose is just a moment of youth - an infatuation perhaps. But you fall for it... You pick the rose, but hesitate to touch the thorns. You'll find the thorns in the path of your life many times - what will you do then? Run away? Won't you touch the thorns?

You should have learned from the thorns - the determination, the patience, the responsibility. Instead, you pluck the fruits for your Gods, give flowers to your lovers...never think about the thorn.

How unfair! The thorn working all life for its territory just gets curses from you, while the rose gets all your attention. You complain on the thorn pricking. It is just doing its duty! Else animals would ruin the roses. Have you seen the existence of rose without thorn? The thorn waits all year long for the rose to come. But the rose just slides into some comfortable hands as it blooms - how selfish!

Who likes it when someone takes away their assets? The thorn tries desperately to protect the rose. Sometimes, somebody manages to take away the rose anyway, but the thorn won't give up till its death. People see "Helen" in roses. But I see the patriots and the bravehearts on thorns. I wonder what you see...

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