Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Website Review - Political Parties Nepal

The theme for this month is

"Political Parties of Nepal"

Maoist Nepal

http://www.cpnm.org/ - Maoists nepal

The red website of Maoist Party in Nepal. The website was blocked during their underground days for over 10 years, when they were tagged as terrorist group by the then government. The maoists are now leading the Government of Nepal. But looks like their website is still an underground website from 10 years ago. Time for updates maybe.

Here's the link to the website of Maoists Nepal

Nepal Communist Party (UML)

http://www.cpnuml.org/ - Nepal Communist party

This is the best website among the political parties of Nepal. Regular news updates and a pleasant interface website. Too bad the feedback form page is under construction.

Here's the link to the website of Nepal Communist Pary (UML)

Nepali Congress

http://www.nepalicongress.org/ - Nepali Congress

Congress is the oldest party of Nepal and the site looks quite old too. There are historic pictures gallery and the bulletins are from 2005.

Here's the link to the website of Nepali Congress Party

There are some 20+ political parties ruling the small country currently and 600+ people in the constituent assembly. But looks like most parties have no website and even the major parties have no updates to their sites. Seems like these people can't manage a website and definitely not managing the country at the moment.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I try to smile
an ugly scarecrow laughs back at me
the more I try to smile
the louder and uglier is the scarecrow
now I realize
the ugliness is not just of the scarecrow
it is all within me

I am the scarecrow
who scares people away
and now the scarecrow
is scaring myself away
haven't I scared you off too
one day or another?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I try to steal you through the corners of my eyes
till they are so full of tears
that I can hold you no longer
and you slip somewhere away into my eyes

I try to feel you in the mirrors of my heart
till they hurt so much
that I can feel no longer
and you slip somewhere away into my heart

I try to find you in the parts of my life
till you move so far apart
that I find you no longer
and you slip somewhere away into my life