Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nepalese Arts

Nepal is said to be country where we have 365 festivals for 365 days of year. having said that the 2nd most important festival Tihar is round the corner(starts 30th Oct). No doubt nepal is the richest in culture & arts...

The Los Angelos Country Museum of Arts (lacma) have a fascinating showcase in their site about arts. their online collection contains a huge database of rare and classic arts from round the globe, including of course Nepal! i saw some rare manuscripts there. i was especially fascinated by the coin collection, may be coz i'm a bit of a coin collector myself :-)

However for the Nepalese artists there's this great site of a great organization called spinybabler which has been in the field of arts in nepal for several years now. the least u can do for this voluntary organization is go through the site and see what else u could do. its pleasing to know that people like these are working to preserve the arts and culture of the country. their voluntary acts are also focused for the children and minority and is renowned worldwide.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Computer & Bungy Problems

I had a horrible weekend due to the computer problems. for a sec i thought about switching from windows to a linux system. but it seems to have sorted out now. i think it was some sort or spyware

But before that we had quite fun at the Last Resort for the party & bungy. the bungy stuff is for the people with no fear, no asthma, over 8 years of age...gee its fun thought once you're over with jumping part. the only complain i had was the tiring long journey back to the hotel. i hope they sort it out. but when u consider that its the second highest bungy in the world, its all worth it. and then there was an all night long party to end it all.check them out at their site!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Nepalese Abroad. NRN.

The nepalese abroad have formed a group named 'non-resident Nepali association' which not only is working to bring together the Nepalese all over the world together, but also providing NRN and foreign investments in Nepal. and of course the remittance is the greater source of country economy. recently there was the Second Global NRN Conference and i think (not sure) that subha rana was elected to come here to promote development in nepal. well good luck to all of them. nepal need you all! check the site and other Nepalese associations round the globe..

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nepalese Abroad

There are quite a few Nepalese spread out these days over all parts of the world. and its really sad that they can't return here in festival season like this (dashain n tihar). so there are a few groups working together to have some fun together as a one big family abroad. one such site i came across was from Colorado(US) which is organizing some good celebration on 22nd October.
the site is

Seasons greetings to everybody out there abroad from us here!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Earthquake in Nepal...

The news headlines today is the south-east Asia earthquake. according to CNN and BBC the death toll have risen to 20000 due to the 7.6 Richter scale earthquake, mostly in Pakistan & India. that's the strength of the nature...within couple of minutes it could destroy mankind. (who needs war anyway?)

also nepal has known to be a major earthquake risk country.

so what about the earthquake preparations? ii found that the The National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) website had quite a handful of resources on earthquake. the earthquake preparation tips (before, during & after an earthquake) is helpful. site is offered in Nepali as well as English. also the other links contain more interesting sites. but seriously this site needs to be updated more frequently.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Explore the Beautiful Country - Nepal.

nepal is a beautiful country. its sad that not many people around the world know that nepal is so beautiful. what's sadder is that not many people within the country know how beautiful the other parts of the country are. a new site has been recently set up by the tourism board of nepal's branch TRPAP (Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme), which in their own word, aims at reaching out some of Nepal's poorest rural areas by promoting tourism. its a beautiful site with lots of gallery photos and information of various locations of Nepal, including the Dolpa, Langtang regions, Kanchanjunga, Solukhumbu, Chitwan and Lumbini (yes, the birth place of Buddha). a must visit site...

Continuing on promotion of nepal, i came across this site on volunteering in nepal. basically this one's for the foreigners who want to help nepal by travelling and staying in Nepal.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dashain is Here

Hurray! the greatest festival of the nepalese, dashain is right here in our doorsteps. i wonder if there's some other festival in the world running for 15 whole days. wow! it starts with "Ghatasthapana" today to "Tika" on 10th day and "Kojagrat" on the 15th day. the 'nawami' and 'dashami' are on the same day this year, so people are gonna miss 1 day holiday! foods, drinks, new dresses, kites, gambling, family gatherings, and most of all joy and peace is what i am expecting for the next 14 days...

now that the dasain is here and everybody are busy greeting each other it might be time to pick up a greeting card to send to the dear ones. one good e-card site with dashain greetings that i can think of are and, both of which lack good flash animated cards (but then again something is better than nothing...)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Time to Switch to Cable May be...

dial up users! it might just be the right time to switch your connection to a faster broadband or cable connection. with the ISP like Mercantile, World Link and Vianet providing cable connections at reduced rates, it might be the time to check the nearest outlet to find the details and move up with the pace of rest of the universe!


World Link


As for the real freaks it might even be worth to shoot two step ahead for the wireless connection...after all the world is now heading for the Wi-Fi and Wi-Max era.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Celebrity Fan Site!

If you've ever tried to search for a good fansite of Nepali artist, actors or such you'd probably end up getting zero results. its feels really good to know secrets about people you like that others don't know. when i search for 'alanis morissette' fansites (she sure rocks!) i get a loads of them, but when i search for some nepali singers i get nil. are there no serious Nepali fans out there or what?! anyway it felt good even to find a single fansite of our very popular pop singer 'Nabin K. Bhattarai', even with an ordinary layout

also the official site of nabin is a worth checkout!