Thursday, October 06, 2005

Explore the Beautiful Country - Nepal.

nepal is a beautiful country. its sad that not many people around the world know that nepal is so beautiful. what's sadder is that not many people within the country know how beautiful the other parts of the country are. a new site has been recently set up by the tourism board of nepal's branch TRPAP (Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme), which in their own word, aims at reaching out some of Nepal's poorest rural areas by promoting tourism. its a beautiful site with lots of gallery photos and information of various locations of Nepal, including the Dolpa, Langtang regions, Kanchanjunga, Solukhumbu, Chitwan and Lumbini (yes, the birth place of Buddha). a must visit site...

Continuing on promotion of nepal, i came across this site on volunteering in nepal. basically this one's for the foreigners who want to help nepal by travelling and staying in Nepal.

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