Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nepalese Arts

Nepal is said to be country where we have 365 festivals for 365 days of year. having said that the 2nd most important festival Tihar is round the corner(starts 30th Oct). No doubt nepal is the richest in culture & arts...

The Los Angelos Country Museum of Arts (lacma) have a fascinating showcase in their site about arts. their online collection contains a huge database of rare and classic arts from round the globe, including of course Nepal! i saw some rare manuscripts there. i was especially fascinated by the coin collection, may be coz i'm a bit of a coin collector myself :-)

However for the Nepalese artists there's this great site of a great organization called spinybabler which has been in the field of arts in nepal for several years now. the least u can do for this voluntary organization is go through the site and see what else u could do. its pleasing to know that people like these are working to preserve the arts and culture of the country. their voluntary acts are also focused for the children and minority and is renowned worldwide.

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