Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Explore more Nepal...

New Year 1126 to all!! There's so much to explore on nepal..and the good thing is that you're never done exploring. just been back from Swayambhu. its a magical scene to see the whole Kathmandu city glowing with all the Tihar lights at the night time. i just wished there were more people (there were less than 100 people i think while we were there) to see the 'matrix' like scene of the valley from the heights of Swayambhu. its...Heaven.

Now what's nepal if it were not to be the scenes, beauty & adventure. i saw this site that has some small but spectacular high quality photo collection and maps of nepal and information on trekking and other popular sites. its more like a guidebook. also can be slow over slow connection. but its worth a watch. the images are not only of popular sites in nepal but also from space satellites too! some of which are from (which is a japanese earth research center)also there are loads of info if you're into travelling or trekking any of these places. here's the site

Now if u really are into motorbike stuffs then there's this site called by Himalayan Roadrunners Pvt. Ltd which arranges one of its kind motorcycle tours and expiditions to the highest places of nepal as well as bhutan, thailand and others. and its all in thier shedule section.(unfortunately the tours inside nepal seems to be postponed due to the unfavourable conditions here...which hopefully eases soon


let the Tihar celebrations continue..!

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