Monday, January 26, 2009

Website Review - Art at Work

The theme for this time is

"Art at Work - communities that promote art & artists"

Aarohan Theatre Group

Aarohan Theatre Group - Gurukul -

Started in the early 90's as a private theatre group in Nepal with handful of people, Aarohan Theatre Group has come a long way today as being a creative group that promotes local art & culture. It has gained international reputation as being a great cultural institution as well as national reputaion as a revolutionary institution.

And now with its own art school Gurukul, it has produced a number of new theatre artists, some of whom have even been succesful lately as movie artists. In a way, Aarohan / Gurukul has single handedly started a theatre culture in Nepal. Not to mention other out of the box activities, such as street dramas to longest painting art from Dharahara. And a nice website too.

Photo Circle

Photo Circle -

Another untraditional organization in Nepal - Photo Circle. Established just a couple of years back, have been providing amateur to professional photographers & artists a common platform to showcase their work to a larger audience.

In their words, they have been building a community of storytellers who continuously create, share and learn. And getting a lot of partners to do so as well. A great community & a simple website - well updated.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Government Signs

The original sign


The lousy government sign 1


The lousy government sign 2