Friday, August 29, 2008

Website Review - Online Forums Nepal

The theme for this month is

"Nepali Forums / Discussion boards"

Nepalnews Forum

Nepal news Forum - mazzako forum -

Nepalnews forum, also known as mazzako forum is the most popular online forum in Nepal. It is part of the from Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd, which also manages the popular news site The forum has frequent postings in most of the topics. There are quite a few topics to choose from - news, teen talks, culture shocks, arts, career and humor among others They have a popular chatroom as well called mazzako chat.

Pretty well managed forum I would say. Visit the mazzako forum.

Sajha Kurakani

Sajha Kurakani - Nepali talk forum - is a popular online community among Nepalese abroad, especially in USA. The Sajha Kurakani forum is not traditional looking discussion board, but you can post from the "Post New Subject" link at the top. The kurakani is the general topic section where you are likely to come across random topics being talked about, from immigration to Nepali community to computer troubleshooting to just junk messages. has other forums as well under other discussions, such as useful websites, resources, literature, humor, immigration, lost friends and so on, that are also accessible directly from homepage. But personally I find the forum to be a big mess and difficult to browse. The kurakani forum is not easy to search either. Time for managing the website maybe.

There are a few other popular online forums in Nepal as well (based on the number of registered members and forum posting frequency), such as the Hits FM forum and few other private organization forum and college/university forums and alumni discussion boards.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nepali anthem best in the world

Nepal now has among the 10 best national anthems of the world (according to Guardian magazine). Finally Nepalese bag something in Beijing Olympics! The new Nepali national anthem is among the best chosen from the 205 countries. Congratulations to the new Nepali national anthem. Too bad the players couldn't do any proud (medal wise) to the nation this time either.

I also hear that the maoist leader / current prime minister of Nepal has gone to participate in Beijing Olympics 2008 closing ceremony. Lets see what prize he wins or what records he breaks this time around.

Meanwhile we could as well sing along to the new national anthem of Nepal, just over a year old..

Hundred of flowers one garland of Nepalese,
Sovereign and spread out from Mechi to Mahakali;

A collection of millions of nature's heritage
Independent and intact due to the courage of our braves

Land of knowledge and peace - Terai, mountains and Hills
Undivided beloved motherland Nepal of ours

Diversities in races, languages, religions and cultures
A progressive nation, long long live Nepal

Written by Byakul Maila, Compoision by Amber Gurung

Hopefully I got the translation correct