Thursday, December 29, 2005

How do you walk?

I was crossing the street with one of my friend, when he stepped upon some garbage thrown on the road. i instantly said - "what were u looking at?". but he replied that he doesn't walk with his eyes on the street all the time. for a while we discussed how people actually walk. like i think that most people just 'see' the road about 10 meters ahead of them instinctively and then they 'look' at other things closer to them or farther from them, like a person walking right next to you or the t-shirt hanging on the window of the shop on the other side.

now i might be wrong here. coz I've seen people who are walking right in front of you yet they seem to be lost somewhere & don't notice you. while others are there shouting at u from almost invisible distances.

i initially thought this was a useless discussion. but when i came home slightly drunk this night and had problems walking up the stairs, i thought - Damn how do people walk?

anyways, coming back to the blogs, i checked the blogexplosion rent space i had for my blog, and found 6 blogs in my bids. well i couldn't rent all of them because the terms and conditions of blogexplosion allow only one rent at once. so there we have it blogsareforwimps 'IN THE HOUSE' for this week. check it out!!

but then i again felt bad that others in the bid didn't get chance. so.....i also added them 'IN THE HOSUE' (without violating blogexplosion rules). do check them out too!!

And finally and importantly....

HO HO HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006! once again.

And no i'm not Santa Claus if u thought so

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A New Look for a New Year

so what the Christmas is over. we now got the new year 2006 at our doors. had some real drunkard parties for the last few days/nights. so i just changed my blog theme a little bit towards festive party season. hope it comes out ok in different browsers.

i wonder what the new year has up its sleeve to give to the people. i just hope its a peaceful, fruitful one for all.

sometimes life's just good.


Thursday, December 22, 2005


With the Google slowly but surely taking over the world, the latest being the Google buying of AOL stake its not too hard to see all the G-mania going on. So i thought since the word G(oogle) seems to be overtaking M(icrosoft) why not list some more G words.

Group of eight of the most industrialized nations including USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada and Russia. With the latest news that China has overcome Italy, China might be on that list too. Or may be G9?

A popular over 2Gb free mail by Google. Such as of this site!

Global System for Mobile. A mobile technology. Some others are GPRS and CDMA.

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. An international collaboration for fair trade. Well everybody saw the recent Hong-Kong demonstration against the increasing unfairness.

Gross Domestic Product. Very important factor for measuring the economic status of a country.

A special pressurized suit worn by astronauts and pilots to balance the forces of gravity. They would probably be like a crushed can beer if they went on outer space in their regular suit & ties.

Greenwich Mean Time. The standard time used around the world.

Graduate Management Admission Test. A populat test required to graduate business or management programs.

Ground Controlled Approach. Emergency landing of an aircraft. Especially during bad weather.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A mental anxiety disorder such as extreme fear, tension or nervousness.

Grafenberg Spot. An area on front wall of the vagina, between the opening and the cervix, which is extremely sensitive to stimulation.

A tiny piece of cloth worn (by stipers) to cover the genitals. Talking about male stipers and gay people the news of 'marriage' of singer Elton John & David Furnish isn't less weird either.

And turning the attention to the blogging world I've got ramblingsandrhetoric "IN THE HOUSE". Check it out on my blog!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

2005 Person of the year?

The time magazine took out its list of 2005 persons of the year. and they've got Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Bono as those persons.

I heard a lot about Bono & U2 along with Bob Geldof during the Live8 concerts this year. Also Bono has been a great activist as well as a rockist for quite a while now. so no surprise there.

Bill Gates & his microsoft has been in the business like an unmovable mountain, whether or not we like him. he's given a lot to the mankind as we know it, but what he especially gave in 2005, of that I'm not so sure.

As for Melinda Gates, frankly i didn't know much about her except that she was Bill Gates' spouse and involved in volunteering things as well. She also became one of the most powerful women of 2005 according to Forbes but that she was chosen for year 2005 persons, i can't agree.

Some of the other faces that i'd liked to have seen on the frontpage of Time magazine are Condoleezza Rice (who also happens to be the most powerful woman of the year 2005, according to Forbes), along with the Google Guys(Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin & Larry Page) and Tony Blair.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Felt low all day long coz of all things happening around. seems like everything is going downhill for the country right now. another strike day in the country after the massacre of 12 innocent citizens by an army.

Blank thoughts are all that are running through my head right now. may be i am in such circle where everybody seems to be expressionless about whatever is going on...too much bad have happened to the country in the past few years. its as if many here have become jaded, accepting the worst nightmares happening in the broad daylight.

"The concepts of injustice, unfairness and perverseness - like the obligations to honor, to respect and to permit - are intelligible only within a moral context and to moral beings.

In the mindless universe of mere nature - the universe without rational beings - there is neither justice nor mercy, neither liberty nor fairness. There are only facts, and no fact - as a fact, seeks or requires a justification."

Sorry, don't remember who said this, its just that i like this quote.

Tell me if u know who said that.
What else??


Thursday, December 15, 2005

A non-Christian's approach to the Christmas...

OK, may be I'm trying to make a fuss out of trivial issues as the religion. its just that when i go through the blogs for the last few days, they are mostly about Christmas. the problem is that i am not a christian, and i can't expect decorating x-mas tree in my home or getting a Santa Claus to bring gifts for the kids. i may end up in some wild one night party the day before as 'Christmas eve bash' etc but that's about it.

its not like now i want to be a christian or go after any other religion as such, but just that when i realize that millions are thinking, worrying or getting excited about Christmas rite now, makes me feel why can't i also be thinking more about Christmas this time.

well, the only solution to this might be if there were only one religion or only one festival in the whole universe...but then that's a different story

we don't have holidays for Christmas over here. so the least i can think of doing this year for Christmas is wish everybody a happy Christmas. (and may be send out some e-greetings from sites like or may be make some card myself).

and finally i have Scooter McGavin's 9th Green "IN THE HOUSE'. check out!! As for me, I'm at the jadelr's notebook

so in advance...


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damn. What kind of world is out there?

I was just watching the news today when i saw this news about a teacher in India burning the hand of his students to see if any of them had stolen his money. the students, well, they were at most 10-12 years. they were showing their little hands where there were horrific marks due to burns of candle. the kids were said to be scared to go back to the school. i think that they said the the teacher was expelled or something. i don't think that the psychological disturbances that the kids go through will be eliminated by whatever punishment they give to that teacher.

its sick. just sick

we talk about modernization..stepping into modern age and stuffs like that when a sick incident like this comes up. there are still people here who force people to eat human excreta just due to the superstitions. obviously education is the key to eliminating ignorance, but when a teacher ends up with acts like these, how can we expect the students turn out to be well?

these violations against human rights and humanity are not just a problem of developing countries, but worldwide.

Human Rights Watch, has more to say

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise

Support World AIDS Day

so its 1st December, the day when the newspapers and newsreaders are talking about AIDS like there's no tomorrow.

above 40 million adult AIDS affected victims are estimated worldwide, mostly in developing countries, and most of in Africa region is definitely no joke. not a "BREAKING NEWS" on a "WAR ON TERROR" but definitely deserves more attention than it does. above 62,000 adult victims recorded in Nepal by year 2005.
and the problem with AIDS is that those who are getting AIDS or prone to getting AIDS are mostly unaware of it.

and u can't even say 'Happy AIDS Day'!

just remembered a joke like thing...

an elderly blonde goes to doctor for her blood test. the doctor looks at the report. the blonde in anxious and asks-'what is it doc?'
'B +ve' replies the doctor.
the blonde says - 'yes doc, i am positive but what does the report say?'

ha! ha! NOT funny!...or was it?

In case you want to add your someone you know who are victim of AIDS, here's a site

Support World AIDS Day