Thursday, December 15, 2005

A non-Christian's approach to the Christmas...

OK, may be I'm trying to make a fuss out of trivial issues as the religion. its just that when i go through the blogs for the last few days, they are mostly about Christmas. the problem is that i am not a christian, and i can't expect decorating x-mas tree in my home or getting a Santa Claus to bring gifts for the kids. i may end up in some wild one night party the day before as 'Christmas eve bash' etc but that's about it.

its not like now i want to be a christian or go after any other religion as such, but just that when i realize that millions are thinking, worrying or getting excited about Christmas rite now, makes me feel why can't i also be thinking more about Christmas this time.

well, the only solution to this might be if there were only one religion or only one festival in the whole universe...but then that's a different story

we don't have holidays for Christmas over here. so the least i can think of doing this year for Christmas is wish everybody a happy Christmas. (and may be send out some e-greetings from sites like or may be make some card myself).

and finally i have Scooter McGavin's 9th Green "IN THE HOUSE'. check out!! As for me, I'm at the jadelr's notebook

so in advance...



Callen Damornen said...

Merry seasonal time to you. Why not enjoy it, even without a religion behind it? The Romans, The Celts, other ancient cultures all celebrated the winter festival in one form or another. Who needs a reason to party? If you can get time off and everyone is in the mood, why not just get caught up in the moment, kick back and have fun!

The Right Left

adriantai said...

whatever the holiday, i celebrate. well, everyone in Malaysia does... :)
to me, its a joyous occasion and i take the opportunity to spend it with friends and family.

so merry christmas to all as well... even though i am not a christian, i'm also celebrating it... :)

Juggling Mother said...

We do Yuletide here on Dec 25th even though we're not Christians, but because the whole country shuts down for Xmas anyway!

It's nice to have a midwinter festival whatever religion you do/don't practise.

I felt the same about Thanksgiving. Every Blog I went to went on about it and I just don't care:-)