Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damn. What kind of world is out there?

I was just watching the news today when i saw this news about a teacher in India burning the hand of his students to see if any of them had stolen his money. the students, well, they were at most 10-12 years. they were showing their little hands where there were horrific marks due to burns of candle. the kids were said to be scared to go back to the school. i think that they said the the teacher was expelled or something. i don't think that the psychological disturbances that the kids go through will be eliminated by whatever punishment they give to that teacher.

its sick. just sick

we talk about modernization..stepping into modern age and stuffs like that when a sick incident like this comes up. there are still people here who force people to eat human excreta just due to the superstitions. obviously education is the key to eliminating ignorance, but when a teacher ends up with acts like these, how can we expect the students turn out to be well?

these violations against human rights and humanity are not just a problem of developing countries, but worldwide.

Human Rights Watch, has more to say


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Recently,an 11 year old boy was mobbed and lynched by a crowd of ruthless people in Lagos, Nigeria. Why? They suspected that he was a kidnapper. And a news reporter gave his eye-witness account of the horrible crime. This happened in broad daylight and nobody intervened to save the life of this boy.

Terrible violations of human rights happen everyday. And in most cases, we are living witnesses of the terrible crimes.

allan said...

Education may be an answer to some of these problems.

Public education however has a focus primarily on the needs of the state.

A more informal structure, with free materials available, might yield better results.

Nukapai said...

Hello - thank you for the linky! :)

Interesting blog concept you have here; might have to keep an eye out.