Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise

Support World AIDS Day

so its 1st December, the day when the newspapers and newsreaders are talking about AIDS like there's no tomorrow.

above 40 million adult AIDS affected victims are estimated worldwide, mostly in developing countries, and most of in Africa region is definitely no joke. not a "BREAKING NEWS" on a "WAR ON TERROR" but definitely deserves more attention than it does. above 62,000 adult victims recorded in Nepal by year 2005.
and the problem with AIDS is that those who are getting AIDS or prone to getting AIDS are mostly unaware of it.

and u can't even say 'Happy AIDS Day'!

just remembered a joke like thing...

an elderly blonde goes to doctor for her blood test. the doctor looks at the report. the blonde in anxious and asks-'what is it doc?'
'B +ve' replies the doctor.
the blonde says - 'yes doc, i am positive but what does the report say?'

ha! ha! NOT funny!...or was it?

In case you want to add your someone you know who are victim of AIDS, here's a site

Support World AIDS Day


: JustaDog said...

Perhaps if more people followed the conservative lifestyle and not the liberal lifestyle there would be less AIDS.

mulligan said...

Actually, justadog, abstinance only education in the USA has led to a rise in STDs. How? you ask. It seems that these teens think that blow jobs and anal sex don't count and those are on the rise in areas where abstinance only is taught.

Also, suggesting the conservative lifestyle totally ignores the problems they are having in third world countries where lack of education and cultural norms are adding to the spread.

The Complimenting Commenter said...

That is a really good post. I think that you are right that we should be telling news stories all the time and not just one day. Funny joke too.