Tuesday, June 12, 2007

About the Crow that Took Our Ear

Recently there is this project going on disaster Management, which is supported by INGO's like UNDP and EU. The project is trying to aware people about the hazards of natural disasters and how we need to plan for/against them. In one particular campaign, there is this little girl who says
"Our teacher says Natural Disasters don't come with an alert notification...."
And then the campaign closes by saying
"If your child knows about natural disasters why don't we become aware too?"

The campaign was/is promoted in various medium - TV's, radios, newspapers & likewise. I personally thought it was a catchy campaign for general awareness. How much people will implement those information during disasters will definitely be a subject to study later on.

But then the truth is that there has been a greater impact on the general people from a certain website which went on spreading the rumors of a predicted earthquake on exactly a certain date, much more than the whole campaign against disaster management has yet received. Its kinda funny too and makes you wonder if we are giving the wrong message to the generations to come.

What's more interesting is that its not just the illiterate and old people that believe them - the more 'educated' person seems to be making up bigger rumors. I believe historically we have been living a suppressed life. Be it depending upon parents or our cowardice and over-dependence, it has something to do with believing in whatever others say. We believe in mysteries, fantasies and miracles but are too lazy and unprepared to accept the hard facts. And then we think in group - make decisions in crowd. And we back off when it comes to make or own decisions. If someone tells us miracle stories - be it stars falling or stones talking, we are more than happy to believe. Some fraud comes up with idea of doubling your money by keeping it in magic box and we believe them. Somebody comes up with idea of hard work and we get bored. We never try to feel our own ear - just run after the crow just because somebody fooled us saying it took our ear. Someone says it again and again and again and yet we keep on running after the crow. I don't think we get tired running after rumors, do we?