Monday, July 28, 2008

Website Review - Television Channels in Nepal

The theme for this month is

"Television (TV) Channels in Nepal"

Nepal Television

The national television of Nepal that now broadcasts 24 hours. But looking at the current website, the station probably looks like a one from the dinosaur ages. Seems all downhill for this state owned TV, with big competitors leading in news and entertainment, and the Nepal TV website doesn't have anything to boast about either. Its sister television NTV 2 Metro doesn't even have a website yet.

Yup! Time for update guys.

Avenues Television

A relatively new news channel just over a year old that now broadcasts 24 hours. Avenues TV is currently a pay TV, available through cable operators. Currently this is probably the most popular news channel. Even its newly launched website has good and up to date content. Though not fancy website, the categories are well organized. The news ticker and video section are good. You can register and post your contents through the site as well.

One thing though. Site is in Nepali only. Would like to see an English section too.

Channel Nepal

This channel is more entertainment oriented. Music videos are probably the best part of Channel Nepal. The website has a few downloadable videos and program promos, and a simple news scroller as well, but there's nothing else worth noticing in the website.

Image Channels

Part of Image Group of companies, this is a relatively old & popular TV station that now broadcasts 24 hours. It has mixed sort of programs, from news to entertainment and informational. The website though has nothing special and updated except the news ticker.

Kantipur TV

Part of Kantipur Publications, this is another popular TV station that is broadcasted 24 hours. It also has mixed sort of programs, the news & talk shows being the most popular. The website is under construction for ages.

Other Nepali Television stations currently broadcasted are Sagarmatha Television, which is also a 24 hour news oriented channel. There is also Nepal1 TV that I think is broadcasted from India. While TV is supposed to be advanced form to the radio, the FM stations of Nepal have a lot better websites than Television stations of Nepal.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't write this in your CV

I was going through the CV (curriculum vitae) for computer related works in the office. And to my surprise and horror, I find some applications which have no clue what they are applying for. When asked for experienced employees, I don't see why new comers would want to apply. There are places where fresher or interns can apply, but if the employer says experienced 3+ years, they mean people who have worked about that many years, not someone who has participated in debate in college but yet to work in professional level. And even the people who have worked come up with unprofessional resumes at times. Here were some common errors.

Parent Names

Ok. Seriously what were you thinking? I am trying to interview you, not your parents. I just wished that your name and address are clear and easily visible. So next time, please don't bother writing your father or mother's name in your resume, unless the employer asks you to.

Generic Hobbies

I personally find generic hobbies a big turnoff. I mean if I am looking for a person to do the computer jobs, I see no point in mentioning hobbies like swimming, singing, or listening to music. They would probably count if you were applying for Miss Nepal, Mr. talented, or something like that but not when applying for a job in an office. If you mean to say you can't work without loud music by Britney Spears at full volume, then its ok (just don't expect to be selected after writing that!), else please mention interests that are related to the work only.

Funny Email

Mail me at or! Ok. I wouldn't mind hearing the 'cool story' behind how and why you took such email address after you are selected to work here. But till then, why don't you just use an email that shows it is you and not some freak that the employer is dealing with. There are so many free email services. Why don't you just use one to show off your real name?

Always keep your CV simple and to the point. If you have a two paged or longer resume, make sure you have something worth reading for the employer.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Got Your Firefox 3 Download Certificate?

Did you download Firefox 3, the best web browser till date, on 17th of June 2008? Good. You helped setting the Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours. They claim 8,002,530 downloads on that single day! That's an amazing number considering the server was down so much on that day.

And now, haven't you got your record certificate yet? Don't worry. You needn't have downloaded Firefox on that day to get the certificate. Its just a certificate with your name in it. I downloaded on that day. But you can get a certificate anyway even if you didn't! Get Your Firefox 3 download certificate Now!

This is what the certificate looks like

Firefox 3 download certificate

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Google Analytics bad at determining Connection Speeds

If you haven't tried Google Analytics yet, you must try it. It is a cool and easy way to find your website or blog stats. The basic version is free to use. You can track details about your visitors using this tool.

However I wanted to find about the details of my visitors' connection speed to see how much of them are using slower connections like dial up. But turns out that Google Analytics (ga.js) does a really bad job at this. This is what the results showed about the connection speed of my visitors.

Nepal sites blog visitor connection speeds

The percentage of visitors using unknown connection speeds is over 53%. So I can't be sure about what type of connection is being used by more than half of my overall visitors. Obviously I can't depend upon Google Analytics only if I am targeting my website for visitors with high connection speed.

Other statistics from the Google Analytics are useful though. Such as if you are the webmaster, you may want to check the browsers that your visitors are using. You don't want your website to look different for users using different browsers. The most popular browsers based on current popularity are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Nepal sites blog visitor browser

The Google Analytics also shows you which countries or regions your visitors come from. You can see more details like which cities the visitors are coming from. Most of my visitors come from Nepal and United States. The following shows the top 10 countries from where the visitors are coming to my blog.

Nepal sites blog visitor countries

The number of visitors have not been shown in the above stats. Only the percentages are shown. The Google Analytics however shows all details like total number of visitors to your website or blog, where they are coming from, what they are clicking and so on. And if you are Search Engine conscious, there are finer details that you can use based upon your results. You can try them yourself by using Google Analytics.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Have you ever thought it would hurt the thorn when you say that it is so rude? Just like when you are pricked by a thorn. You praise the rose that blooms momentarily - have you ever praised the thorn? The rose doesn't fight difficulties - just a little cold or a thunder and it gives up. Something it doesn't like and it falls apart. Ask the thorn of the pain during those moments - the heat, the thunders - oh!

But the thorn doesn't give up. It stands for its flowers, for its territory. What obedience! Rose is just a moment of youth - an infatuation perhaps. But you fall for it... You pick the rose, but hesitate to touch the thorns. You'll find the thorns in the path of your life many times - what will you do then? Run away? Won't you touch the thorns?

You should have learned from the thorns - the determination, the patience, the responsibility. Instead, you pluck the fruits for your Gods, give flowers to your lovers...never think about the thorn.

How unfair! The thorn working all life for its territory just gets curses from you, while the rose gets all your attention. You complain on the thorn pricking. It is just doing its duty! Else animals would ruin the roses. Have you seen the existence of rose without thorn? The thorn waits all year long for the rose to come. But the rose just slides into some comfortable hands as it blooms - how selfish!

Who likes it when someone takes away their assets? The thorn tries desperately to protect the rose. Sometimes, somebody manages to take away the rose anyway, but the thorn won't give up till its death. People see "Helen" in roses. But I see the patriots and the bravehearts on thorns. I wonder what you see...