Monday, July 28, 2008

Website Review - Television Channels in Nepal

The theme for this month is

"Television (TV) Channels in Nepal"

Nepal Television

The national television of Nepal that now broadcasts 24 hours. But looking at the current website, the station probably looks like a one from the dinosaur ages. Seems all downhill for this state owned TV, with big competitors leading in news and entertainment, and the Nepal TV website doesn't have anything to boast about either. Its sister television NTV 2 Metro doesn't even have a website yet.

Yup! Time for update guys.

Avenues Television

A relatively new news channel just over a year old that now broadcasts 24 hours. Avenues TV is currently a pay TV, available through cable operators. Currently this is probably the most popular news channel. Even its newly launched website has good and up to date content. Though not fancy website, the categories are well organized. The news ticker and video section are good. You can register and post your contents through the site as well.

One thing though. Site is in Nepali only. Would like to see an English section too.

Channel Nepal

This channel is more entertainment oriented. Music videos are probably the best part of Channel Nepal. The website has a few downloadable videos and program promos, and a simple news scroller as well, but there's nothing else worth noticing in the website.

Image Channels

Part of Image Group of companies, this is a relatively old & popular TV station that now broadcasts 24 hours. It has mixed sort of programs, from news to entertainment and informational. The website though has nothing special and updated except the news ticker.

Kantipur TV

Part of Kantipur Publications, this is another popular TV station that is broadcasted 24 hours. It also has mixed sort of programs, the news & talk shows being the most popular. The website is under construction for ages.

Other Nepali Television stations currently broadcasted are Sagarmatha Television, which is also a 24 hour news oriented channel. There is also Nepal1 TV that I think is broadcasted from India. While TV is supposed to be advanced form to the radio, the FM stations of Nepal have a lot better websites than Television stations of Nepal.

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