Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't write this in your CV

I was going through the CV (curriculum vitae) for computer related works in the office. And to my surprise and horror, I find some applications which have no clue what they are applying for. When asked for experienced employees, I don't see why new comers would want to apply. There are places where fresher or interns can apply, but if the employer says experienced 3+ years, they mean people who have worked about that many years, not someone who has participated in debate in college but yet to work in professional level. And even the people who have worked come up with unprofessional resumes at times. Here were some common errors.

Parent Names

Ok. Seriously what were you thinking? I am trying to interview you, not your parents. I just wished that your name and address are clear and easily visible. So next time, please don't bother writing your father or mother's name in your resume, unless the employer asks you to.

Generic Hobbies

I personally find generic hobbies a big turnoff. I mean if I am looking for a person to do the computer jobs, I see no point in mentioning hobbies like swimming, singing, or listening to music. They would probably count if you were applying for Miss Nepal, Mr. talented, or something like that but not when applying for a job in an office. If you mean to say you can't work without loud music by Britney Spears at full volume, then its ok (just don't expect to be selected after writing that!), else please mention interests that are related to the work only.

Funny Email

Mail me at or! Ok. I wouldn't mind hearing the 'cool story' behind how and why you took such email address after you are selected to work here. But till then, why don't you just use an email that shows it is you and not some freak that the employer is dealing with. There are so many free email services. Why don't you just use one to show off your real name?

Always keep your CV simple and to the point. If you have a two paged or longer resume, make sure you have something worth reading for the employer.

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