Saturday, December 17, 2005


Felt low all day long coz of all things happening around. seems like everything is going downhill for the country right now. another strike day in the country after the massacre of 12 innocent citizens by an army.

Blank thoughts are all that are running through my head right now. may be i am in such circle where everybody seems to be expressionless about whatever is going on...too much bad have happened to the country in the past few years. its as if many here have become jaded, accepting the worst nightmares happening in the broad daylight.

"The concepts of injustice, unfairness and perverseness - like the obligations to honor, to respect and to permit - are intelligible only within a moral context and to moral beings.

In the mindless universe of mere nature - the universe without rational beings - there is neither justice nor mercy, neither liberty nor fairness. There are only facts, and no fact - as a fact, seeks or requires a justification."

Sorry, don't remember who said this, its just that i like this quote.

Tell me if u know who said that.
What else??


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