Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Just a bad Dream...or was it????

last night i had some trouble sleeping..and what more i had a nasty dream...

in dream the whole world was in war! ya everyone were fighting..i mean everyone. then out of sudden there were some loud noises from the sky. everybody looked up; and there was this gigantic rock like object falling down from the sky. there were many beings shouting from that rock. everybody stopped the war and just looked and was too late. that rock came straight ahead towards the earth and bang!! i was awake the next moment! that almost felt like real...

this morning in the papers there was an article saying that a meteor was expected to hit the earth in 2400AD or sometime like that..boy did i had a premonition or what! also it said that NASA and scientists weren't doing enough for such problems to humanity. well they should if its true! whatever good or bad life we have.. at least we deserve to live!

also i checked the national academy here for science and development, RONAST (i wonder about the jobs that they are seriously doing..coz i hear so little about them in news), and i hope that it also does something to check such threaten to mankind. actually i was watching this video yesterday of NASA on strange UFO objects(may be that had something to do with my dream), and i still am not sure whether to believe in them or not.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

By 2400, none of us would be around.

Let the people of the future take care of themselves.

I am looking forward to the Rapture and I am out of here.

See you in heaven!