Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lost a Pen :-(

A couple of days back NHK crew were at our house to shoot for a documentary. i couldn't attend them since i was kinda busy. they'd given a pen as a gift but i however misplaced it somewhere. i even took a snap of it before it got lost..

i like collecting pens actually. i wonder how many people are into pen collection hobbies these days. it seems like all computers to me. may be we should start collecting keyboard and mice....


Abraham Lincoln said...

I had so many pens I started to sell them on ebay. The most expensive was solid gold. Somebody paid 800 dollars for it. I don't collect them anymore as i am retired and have gotten rid of most of them.I sometimes show a new pen or a new pen design on my blog at

Bhakti said...

This is too weird...I was literally JUST reading a catalogue of pens right before I logged on to the computer. I love pens...I have a couple that I like to use--but I don't collect them per se. I like to write with fountain pens the best. The fountain tip accentuates my horrible cursive!

Thanks for visiting my site...hope to see you again sometime!