Thursday, June 26, 2008

Website Review - Business Directory Nepal

The theme for this month is

"Business Directories (Yellow Pages) of Nepal"

Connection Yellow Pages

The oldest yellow pages directory of Nepal, started in 1991. On the website you can search the directory from search box, alphabetical listing and popular categories.

I personally found their advertisements to be more highlighted and the main directory less highlighted. Even the fonts are so small. And the add listing link is not easily viewable either.

Nepal Home Page Yellopages

Another popular yellow page directory of Nepal. The homepage makes you feel there are lots of listings here than in other directories. The directory is simple and effective - there are lots of categories you can choose from right at the homepage (along with number of listings under that category). A click on the category takes you to the sub category page, from where you can choose your listing. The listings are shown in table form, from which you can select the desired company for more details.

There is also a search box at the botton, though not so prominent. Also the add edit link is not easily visible. Other useful links at sidebar are also nicely highlighted. One thing missing perhaps is browse alphabetically or other methods of browsing.

Nepal Yellow Pages Business Directory

Probably the simplest yellow page directory. There's a big search button at the front page, as well as an advanced search option, based on city name, address etc. Then there browsing option by categories, which take you to sub categories page and then the individual listing. Couldn't be more easier and to the point.

Another interesting function for this directory is the membership. The site uses lot of AJAX like fancy technologies, which make the site browsing easy and fun. Once being member there are other functions like bookmark individual listing for further use. You can also select the listings directly from the Classification Index page. And getting listed is quite easy as well. You can even manage your own gallery and profiles. Pretty cool site from yoolk I must say. The site even has a yellow color theme for yellow pages. Just that the spelling of "yolk" is incorrectly mentioned as "yoolk". How lame!

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Cine Perk said...

You've a nicely done site with lots of effort and good updates. I would like to welcome you to submit your stories to and get that extra one way traffic to your site.

rabi said...

Good work! Nicely collected information about business directory but one thing is there as has own publication which is updated and printed every year in the name of Connection Yellow Pages whereas others have old and not updated data which I think has been taken (copied) from You can find it if you go throughly with some listing.

It is acceptable that design of is not so attractive but it updates information on regular basis. Where others have good looking but old and misleading phone numbers.

Nayanepalnews said...

Lau na mero site ko pani review gardinus na please.

Will you review my site as well.

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