Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello? Your brain is now safe

Ya ya the researchers say so. cell phones are now brain cancer safe. The earlier issues that say that radiation from cell phones cause brain tumor are false. U can now pick up your phone and stick it to your head 24/7. Well that's a good news alrite.

I also heard of another weird news that the US government wants Google data of searched web! Wow! you mean someone 'googles' for something, he/she will be continuously monitored. who need hackers and crackers if you can legally monitor what people are doing on the web?

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I am The Swirling Chaos Between Your Eyes said...

Not from me it isn't!

If I had half a chance I'd ram your skull into a wall until it cracks open. I'd then eat your pathetic empty brains with some flava beans and a nice Chianti.