Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feel Like Dog Feel Like Dog

Not much to choose between dog and god if all you're looking for is a word. Well not the case if you look at the meanings.

The worst part of your life & your day is when you've done all the hard work and some other idiot gets all the credits for your work. And there goes the moment when I can feel myself like a dog...well even worse I guess.

And the happy ending to all that is when at the end of the day you spread your feet, forget and forgive everything else, & watch the orange sun set in the west, with the strongest cup of coffee in your hands. Your heart is bloomed, you can smile just like that and doesn't matter whether or not you believe in feel like god.

There goes my day....again.

Oh almost forgot. We have hauntedhousedressing as the new guest 'IN THE HOUSE'. I guess I should have informed earlier, but then better late than never...So do check it out.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for being my e-landlord. And thanks for the plug. It's plugeriffic. :)

Kaileena Suza said...

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