Sunday, January 01, 2006

And they say time never waits for anyone...

well as we have all finally welcomed the new day of the new year, you might have noticed that we have all reached here a whole 1(ONE) second late than we expected. yes friends...1 second late. but now that we've safely arrived 1 second late, seems like some people are not happy about it. they want their precious second back!

the "second" thing is due to actually a complex process where human are more getting more cleverer than the actual "time". so in 1949 came this thing called atomic clock which happens to be very very accurate.

since the man-made time clock is more accurate than the time clock of universe, which apparently takes breaks from time to time, the 'intelligent scientists' are busy making adjustments to their clocks according to it.

i don't have problems with 'the second' this way or that. well a better adjustment i hope would be if it was the same time everywhere in the earth. so that i can say happy new year to everyone around the world right at the moment its new year here. not hours before or after the new year. if i get a call from my friend in America saying happy new year when I'm about to sleep here in Asia then its not so fun.

as for new year resolutions, well i made one to quit alcohol, and broke it on the very 1st day! how long can you hold onto your resolutions? one second?


Anonymous said...

i also agree with u. it would be nice if there was same time everywhere in world.
happy new year

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I made a resolution on January 1, 1999 not to commit fornication till I marry. And I am still keeping it till date, the seventh year.

If you want to keep your word, you will keep your word.

God bless.