Friday, January 13, 2006

Getting old

Been busy to blog lately. In the meantime we had a fun party for our granny's birthday. The family structure here may be different from some of the other parts of the world; with parents & children living under same roof, but the idea of fun & happiness, i believe, is same everywhere.

Now during the party, I noticed one of my uncle, previously very quiet person, getting all jolly and a fun loving character. I think it is his age that is changing him. I'm happy with my present age (mid 20's..), but if i had a chance to be of different age, then i would like to be a 60+ old man. I feel a person has by then seen all the highs and lows of life. And if he/she gets support from family or friends. he/she can be happier and rightfully deserves to be happier.

So often we feel that child days are the happy days, but i think that the elderly days should also be more fun. Well anyway i have a long way to go to my 60's.

Also a 'skipped generation' lifestyle is also developing in some parts of the world. So i guess children will have a different attitude towards the elderly in such situations.


robin said...

Yeah maybe I won't be so anxious in my sixties, that would be nice. I would love to have less to worry about and just enjoy life as it is. Hey, maybe I should be doing that now at 27.

--josh-- said...

You will have a chance to be a different age. Sooner than you think. Sit back and enjoy your 20s.