Sunday, February 05, 2006

DAMN u sickness...

I have been resting for most of the time past several days after i caught up with an unending series of irritating little illness. I think it started after staying out during a party. But then i end up getting cold, fever, coughs, weakness, headaches, stomach aches, and aches in all parts of body. Damn... Headaches' the worst - it just sucks the thinking power out of you. And when u add fever on top of that, well that's the worst nightmare alrite. You're stuck in the bed sleepless, thoughtless, uncomfortable trying to feed yourself on some bitter tablets and tasteless soups.

Finally it seems like things are sorting out somewhat although i still feel kinda dizzy. I hope things get normal soon.

I must have missed a lot in the blogging zones. Anyway coming back to this blog we have nonsensicalflounderings this week 'IN THE HOUSE'. Do check it out. And not only that we have other guests hauntedhousedressing, mystickalincense, mejc, bnbexperiences, dreamfight3r, redindependence as well since they were also trying to enter 'IN THE HOUSE' from blogexplosion. So do check them out too! What else? I really must have missed a lot around i guess.

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