Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cartoon and Controversy

There's this little joke that's quite popular among the kids here. it goes something like this-

There are three kids in the stage. one starts to beat the other. the third one then asks "why are you hitting him?". To this the first kid replies- "three months ago, he said that i am a pig". The third boy asks again "if he said that three months ago, why are you hitting him now?". The first boy then says - "i knew what a pig means only this morning!"

Actually this joke has nothing to do with the ongoing cartoon row. Its just that when you're looking at things from a safer side, even the biggest problems seem so simple, whereas its not as simple on the spot. Coz if they were there would be no problems at all!

This also reminds me of an the terrible incident here couple years back when twelve hostages from here were killed by the Iraqi militants, who got there through a manpower company here. It obviously was a shocking event, but what followed was even more shocking. The next day, within few hours the whole manpower companies here were attacked, the Muslims here were attacked and even the media houses were attacked and the city looked like a warzone for several hours. Then it was quiet.

Also reminds me of the the recent Paris riot incidents which went on for several days after the death of an ethnic minority person. That again went on and on like there was it would never stop.

In all these cases, or other similar cases, more often than not there is not a single motto for what's happening around. Mostly there are the 'dissatisfied groups' and then there are the few catalyst factors that are no good for anyone. What happened here or what happened in Paris or what's happening around the world now wouldn't have been so serious if there weren't such people who had nothing more to do than the 'East Vs West' kind of attitude. For most of us, no Islam is bad, no Christian is bad, no Hindu, no Buddhist, no nothing is bad, its all the attitude of some of the people, fuckin attitude that's taking the world apart..to a dark future.

Well enough of the rubbish thoughts! May be some more cartoon this time...the less controversial ones!


mary ann said...

My boyfriend and I have that conversation almost every day. Only it goes
"I wrote about it on the internet."
"I saw."
"You didn't leave a comment."
"Why not?"
"Because you're sitting two feet away from me. I can just talk to you."

Bhakti said...

I love the cartoon with the little boy and his parents. When I first started blogging, EVERYONE was sick of hearing about MY BLOG!!!


Thank you so much for the link!