Sunday, September 16, 2007

PRASHANT TAMANG - the next Nepali / Indian Idol?

Well the name of the show is Indian Idol. But the final contestant Prashant Tamang is equally or more popular here in Nepal. Partly because he's from Darjeeling, which happened to be a part of Nepal once upon a time. But mostly because he is a Tamang, a simple guy with Nepali origin. Also it is probably because of his simple behavior that has been able to capture the hearts of millions of people in India and Nepal. Or may be the harsh treatment by the judges at times, has been a factor for his massive popularity. Whatever the reasons, the fact is that he is extremely popular in his home town Darjeeling, overall India, and even Nepal. And being in the final two it is very likely that he is going to be the next idol.

Prashant Tamang - Indian Idol, Nepali Idol

It would be a great story if he wins the contest because he's not a trained singer and works as an ordinary Indian policeman. Also it can be said that Prashant Tamang would be a double idol - both an Indian Idol as well as a Nepali Idol. That said, he already is an idol for many people. The extravaganza for the SMS voting is something like never seen before. With free traveling and accommodation to his home town Darjeeling, the promotions is quite bizarre. Singing wise, he's believed to have a lesser edge against his competitor Amit Paul, but looking at the excessive hype for Prashant, its definitely a case of who performs better and gets the most votes.


Nepali Music said...

great post! Prashant will be the one and there is no doubt about it! But people need to support more and do more of intensified voting. Thanks for the post its great!

Anonymous said...

Intensified voting???? WHY? Vote if you feel Prashant is better than Amit. THAT's it!

I'm a nepali and I am proud of Prashant. But i hope whoever is the best singer/performer will win. To be honest, they are both winnners already. It shouldn't be about nationalities...its all about talent.

By the way can anyone tell me what's happened to the previous winners of these competition? One thing is for sure...the producer/organisers are making huge bucks ...hehe.