Monday, January 22, 2007

Google giving wrong results?

I was trying to search for some info on Paula Abdul, one of the judges of the American Idol show. When I searched for Paula Abdul in Google, to my surprise i get IMDb results on the first place, instead of her official pages or her wiki page. I guess its ok. But look what i got on the 2nd result.

An official fansite of Mandy Moore?! How on earth could that be related to Paula Abdul? Both are singers? Well that's no good to get into 2nd rank. There is no mention of Paula Abdul in that site either. So it doesn't make any sense. Either the Google got it all wrong in its search algorithms or perhaps the Mandy Moore Fansite did some dirty trick to fool Google. In either case the results are very wrong to say the least. If it is some dirty tricks by Moore Fansite, which I don't think it did, then Google should be able to correct it by now, or it may be exploited more by other sites to get higher ranks. If it is some problem with Google's search algorithms, then we got serious problem.

Other search engines gave desired results. So i believe this is problem with Google only. What if Google, the most trusted search engine started to give wrong results? What if Google results were full of scammers? Scary...

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