Saturday, April 01, 2006

EXCLUSIVE! Scientists prove Existence of UFO & Aliens

The mystery is finally over! The rumours are true. In what could be the greatest discovery by mankind thus far, an independent group of 12 scientists searching for the possibility of extraterrestrial life have managed to catch the till now hypothetical UFO spacecraft, along with two dead alien beings.

In this historical day led by the American scientist Albert Michelson and German scientist Tycho Brahe the team managed to trap the UFO by creating a radioactive spot in Vancouver Island of Canada. "We are extremely excited about all this", says Brahe. After all the studies within the past five years we have managed to prove the existence of the extraterrestrial life. "And the amazing part is", continues Michelson, "they might not be as strong or powerful as we initially expected. They are different than us no doubt, but definately not more powerful."

The international media has not yet been called upon as they are still busy assembling some of the pieces dropped from the UFO first. But some photographs were released earlier.

It turned out to be quite easy in the end. Once we found out that each of their spaceship worked on a different mathematical algorithm for traveling, it was all about breaking those secret codes to pull them wherever we wanted.

"It would have been more interesting if we got them alive", says Steve James one of the team members among the 12 scientists. "The first impression we get is that they are more closer to human race than some robot like creatures".

The press is expected to be invited within next 24 hours.

Click Here to See the Secret Codes Used by the Scientists.