Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dashain Greetings

I remember the childhood days when the sky used to be colorful with the kites in Dashain. And the ground used be be full of people showing off their new dresses for Dashain. It is basically still the same, just that somehow this fifteen day long festival seems to be enjoyed lesser than it used to be. Whether it is the emptier looking sky or the busier lifestyles, I'm not sure, but the holiday spirit is somehow missing. The turmoils in the country definitely don't invite festive atmosphere, but that doesn't necessarily stop you from enjoying life - after all that's the spirit of Dashain - the celebrations, the home comings and the unifications of families.

Unity is certainly something that we are missing badly. With all the running and the pushing and the fighting, everybody needs a break. Hopefully Dashain will bring some good times back in everybody's life around the globe. Also why not carry celebration spirit of Dashain globally like the Oktoberfest festival?

Let the celebrations begin. Time for some drinks may be.

Happy Dashain!